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A Catholic Priest Snorted Cocaine Surrounded by Nazi Memorabilia While on Camera

The 37-year old priest said that he collects "historical stuff" and doesn't have a drug problem: "It was just the one night and that was it."

In a story that hits nearly all of the British tabloid sweet spots, a Catholic priest in Northern Ireland was caught on camera snorting coke surrounded by Nazi memorabilia during a party at his house on church grounds, the Sun reports.

The priest, 37-year-old Father Stephen Crossan, had allegedly been out on a bender for two days before inviting people back to his parish house to keep things going. In the video, the priest can be heard saying "I shouldn't," before leaning over and sucking down a line off a silver platter.


Things got weirder when Crossan reportedly started playing dress-up with some Nazi memorabilia he had around his house—including Nazi flags, a hat, and a statue of an eagle and swastika on his mantle.

"[Nazi stuff] was all over the house," an anonymous source who was at the party told the Sun."At one point, Stephen put on a cap and did the Nazi salute."

"The house was lovely, but we were stunned to see the Nazi stuff," adding the source, who is apparently down to do coke with a priest but draws the line when the Nazi gear starts to come out.

Crossan has responded to the video by admitting to doing coke but saying that "it was just the one night and that was it. I do not have an issue with drugs." As for the whole "house full of Nazi paraphernalia" thing, Crossan said, "I'm no Nazi. I collect historical stuff."

Crossan was apparently on leave from the church for depression when the party took place. On Monday, the BBC reported that he had asked for a leave of absence from the priesthood and isn't living at the house any longer.