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Donald and Ivanka Trump Met Al Gore to Chat About Climate Change

Ivanka really hasn't said much about her views on the issue in the past, but Leonardo DiCaprio recently gave her a copy of his 'Before the Flood' doc, so that's something.

UPDATE: Al Gore also met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower on Monday despite previous reports that he wouldn't. Gore reportedly called the meeting "lengthy and very productive."

Ivanka Trump is meeting with former vice president and climate change activist Al Gore on Monday, Trump spokesman Jason Miller told CNN.

Miller didn't elaborate about the directives of the meeting, only to say that it would be about climate issues. Ivanka really hasn't talked much about her views on climate change in the past, but she reportedly got her hands on a copy of Leonardo DiCaprio's Before the Flood doc, so there's that.

The president-elect has been keeping his kids close during his transition, but it's not yet clear how they might serve his administration. Although Ivanka was somewhat outspoken about paid family leave during Trump's campaign, she's now reportedly interested in playing a prominent public role combatting climate change—something her father has called a hoax engineered by the Chinese.

Despite Ivanka's meeting, Trump has done little to show that he might alter his views on climate change after vowing during his campaign to revise Obama's Clean Power Plan and take the US out of the 2015 Paris Agreement. Since elected, Trump has picked noted climate change denier Myron Ebell to head the EPA transition team and relayed some vague comments about global warming in his New York Times post-election interview.