Awol Erizku Was Hot Long Before He Photographed Beyoncé's Baby Bump
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Awol Erizku Was Hot Long Before He Photographed Beyoncé's Baby Bump

VICE has had a long and fruitful relationship with the artist who shot the Beyoncé pregnancy photo. Here are some of our favorite photos we've published by him over the years.

A lot of people are talking about Awol Erizku today for good reason. The photographer shot the most-liked Instagam photo of all time: an immediately iconic image of Beyoncé, pregnant with twins, posed in front of a lush floral arrangement.

This photo was not just viral but important—both for it's arresting beauty and rare universal acclaim—and it's no surprise that Awol did it. VICE has worked with the young photographer for years, and it was always apparent to usthathe was bound for greatness. What the world is seeing today on Beyoncé's Instagram and—where there are more striking and elegant portraits by Awol—is merely the tip of the iceberg.


From readymade objects to short films to paintings to mixtapes, Awol has been using every medium available to him to bring beauty into this world. His unique vision is always smart, colorful, and rooted in both art history and the African diaspora. We feel very lucky and are immensely proud that Awol has used VICE as a platform in the past to showcase his work.

Below are some of our favorite Awol Erizku photos that have graced the print pages of VICE magazine and the webpages of, typically paired with the words of VICE Senior Editor Wilbert L. Cooper. The photos below were taken from Awol and Wilbert's nostalgia-driven piece on black barbershops, their forward-looking piece on black masculinity, and their contemporary piece on black death and fatherhood.