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Hackers Made Everyone Think Britney Spears Was Dead Because Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

Protect Britney at all costs.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

As we well know, 2016 has sucked largely because of the deaths of a number of the music world's dearest icons. During any other year, claims that HRH Britney Spears had passed would seem outlandish (mostly because Britney, of course, being made of 100% pure magic, cannot die), but in a big, bad 2016 where nothing is sacred, it could have been - whisper it -  true.

That's why a hack on Sony Music Global's Twitter account – which was quickly claimed by the hacking group Our Mine – sent the internet into a brief but full-bodied frenzy on Monday. At around 1 PM (8 AM EST), the account sent a tweet which read 'britney spears is dead by accident! we will tell you more soon #RIPBritney', before confirming that she was in fact safe with a tweet acknowledging the hack, hashtagged #OurMine. The group also hacked Bob Dylan's account, from which they tweeted 'rest in peace @britneyspears' – because if there's anything Dylan is known for, it's his love of Britney. Britney's reps have since confirmed that she is "alive and well", although between now and January 1 2017 I think it's probably best to swaddle her in bubble wrap and put her in an underground bunker. You know, just to be safe.

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