I Wanna Fight So Much I Might Move to Belgium

France's illegal free fighters are willing to cross the border to beat each other in the head.

Judging from the popularity of our amaaaaazing film, The British Wrestler, it's entirely possible that you guys are labouring under the impression that it's only British men who take pleasure in bashing each other over the head with inanimate objects. That's where you are wrong; in every country in the world, men are enjoying violence as we speak, it's just that in some countries they're a little less into hair pulling and biting, and a little more into illegal ways of fucking each other up. One of these ways is Free Fight, or as some people prefer calling it, Mixed Martial Arts.

In France, where it is actually banned, Free Fight is particularly popular – MMA teams form all over the country, but have no official spaces where they're permitted to fight. As as result, these young fighters travel hundreds of kilometres every weekend to Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands where they can kick each other's asses legally. All the fights are recorded on cheap digital cameras and uploaded quickly to the internet, as the competitors strive to achieve the dream: to be discovered and finally let into the cage of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

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