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We Just Made a Bunch of Fancy New Changes to the VICE App

Stop working immediately, and go play around with it.

Today VICE is like a mythical, multi-headed Hydra. We may have started out as a magazine back in 1994, but in 2016 we have a TV network, an HBO show, a Snapchat account for the teens, and a veritable cornucopia of wonderful websites to our name.

We've also got a mobile app for iOS and Android. And if you're not using it already, it's time to start, because today we're launching a huge batch of updates to take the thing to a whole new level.

As of Wednesday, the app will funnel all the glorious content from around the VICE family right to your phone, including stuff like a "Must Read" section featuring a selection of the day's most popular articles and the ability to watch VICE videos with lightning-fast playback so you don't have to sweat the load times. The app also helps you tune in to our TV channel, VICELAND, right from your phone.

We're pretty proud of the tweaks we've made to the app, and we hope you'll love using it to suck the best of VICE into your eyeballs. Stop working immediately, and go play around with it.

Download the VICE App on iOS and Android right now.