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Clive Stafford Smith

Meeting with the lawyer who's leading the fight for the Guantanamo Bay hunger strikers.

Clive Stafford Smith spent years working as a death row lawyer in the southern states of the US before becoming the legal director of the UK branch of Reprieve. Reprieve is a not-for-profit organisation that has long campaigned for the rights of death row prisoners. However, since 2002 it has helped liberate prisoners from Guantanamo Bay – a campaign led by Stafford Smith himself.

Not only has Stafford Smith seen first hand the inside of the prison, he’s also maintained relationships with former detainees and built relationships with those currently on hunger strike. The hunger strike in Guantanamo began on February 11th, 2013 and it's got to a stage where some prisoners are being force fed, arguably in violation of their human rights.

VICE Meets discusses Guantanamo and the future of drone warfare – which Reprieve condemns as "the death penalty without trial".