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A Night Out in Texas' Underground Vogue Scene

Learning about love, self-expression, and fearless dancing with San Antonio vogue crew House of Kenzo.

Texas' scrappy electronic music scene is steadily growing, but it's still hard to find artists like the members of House of Kenzo—a San Antonio-based vogue crew that has become a force in the local DIY music community over the past year. Vogue dancing was House of Kenzo's initial focus, but they've also branched into performance art, DJing, and music production.

roxy rnbwstrchld is the house's de-facto "Mother," a dancer, and the group's main MC. Gemel Biscotti, AKA LEDEF, is both a dancer and a DJ/producer who began his career playing at strip clubs; he makes unsettling tracks that mix Chris Brown's "No Air" with samples of someone choking. Antonio Padron, AKA TonePadron, started dancing in high school at quinceaneras, evolved into krumping, then settled into his own of vogue. He's also splits DJ and production roles with LEDEF, citing Jersey club music as an influence. Bobby bearz is the only non-Texan in the group— an acrobatic dancer, he splits choreography duties with Antonio and holds down a side gig teaching cheer and gymnastics to high schoolers. Breezy and Karma no longer live in San Antonio and weren't performing that night, but are still considered family, with Karma credited as house "Fatha.

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