This 27-Year-Old Is Fighting for His Right to Die Even if It Means Committing a Crime

Adam Maier-Clayton is 27 and mentally ill. Canada won't allow a doctor to help him commit suicide, so he's planning to do it himself.
2016 december 23, 3:09pm
Photo by Alyson Hardwick

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.

Adam Maier-Clayton lines up five pill bottles on the table at a restaurant in downtown Windsor, Ontario. He glances out the window toward the bar he used to work at a few years ago, before the pain from his mental illnesses made it nearly impossible for the 27-year-old to get out of bed.

Every day he takes a combination of at least 15 of these prescription pills. Sometimes more if he needs to talk to people longer than an hour or do things like drive or grocery shop. He recently added a potent dose of medical cannabis oil to the regimen, but Maier-Clayton says it's made no difference, like everything else he's tried.

"I took extra Ativan today because I expected the pain to interfere," he said. "Usually I'm wrecked."

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