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Question of St George's Day - Which Country Are You Glad You're Not From?

This St George's Day let's remember all those countries that aren't as good as England.

Welcome to Question of the Day. It's a St George's Day special!

Today is St George's Day. A day of atonement for being English, singing geographically incorrect songs about Jerusalem and being embarrassed. Let's face it, after years of feeling terrible about colonialism you still either feel really guilty about being English or you're essentially a racist. Tommy Robinson, leader of the EDL knows this, which is probably why he decided to celebrate St George's Day on Sunday, when it wasn't St George's Day, but actually International Mother Earth Day. It's nice to see bigots embracing a more international and cosmopolitan approach to their pride choices, though I guess he could just have got it wrong. (Awk.)


Anyway, some countries aren't England. Some are downright horrid; breeding pits for repression and disease. So, if you are English (and if you are: congratulations), what country are you glad you're not from?

VICE: What country are you glad you're not from?
Abby, 26, store manager: Probably Iraq or something like that 'cos there's loads of shit wars going on!

Are you gonna be celebrating St George's Day?
Yeah, not massively though, we're going for some drinks tonight after work.

Do you celebrate any other patron saints' days?
Yeah, I celebrate St Patrick's Day, any patron's day I can get on! Any excuse!

What do you think about the story about the dragon and St George?
I don't really know the details.

He killed a dragon.
Oh, I don't think it's true, 'cos there is no such thing as dragons, is there?


Helen, 40, mediator: Ethiopia, it looks horrible.

Are you proud to be English?
Yeah, I think it's a very accepting country. In some areas, not in others. I live in Brighton, so it's nice.

Although there was the whole March for England thing there this weekend, right?
Yeah, I think Brighton's really good for that, allowing people to protest so they can get things changed.

But they were… never mind.

Carl, 28, owner of digital agency: I'm well travelled, so I do like most countries but I'd probably have to say somewhere in North Africa, like Syria.

Syria's in Asia, but no worries. St George was actually from Syria or Palestine or around those parts, anyway. Do you think the Assad regime's recent oppression of the Syrian people is analogous with the St George Vs. the dragon story? Is Assad a dragon?
Yes, I would probably say so.


Are you gonna be celebrating St George's Day today? Have a few drinks?
Well yeah, I'm off the alcohol though because I'm going to Vegas in six weeks. Actually that is a country I'd like to be from: the US. But I'll celebrate in my own way, maybe I'll have a coffee.

Luke, 22, music manager: I guess Bahrain, with the war going on over there.

How do you picture the dragon that St George slayed?
Big red or green dragon with fire coming out of its mouth.

Like the Welsh dragon?
Yeah. Though I should probably mention that I am half Welsh.

Sounds like a disturbing Jungian metaphor for inner conflict over your national identity; St George's Day or St David's Day?
Neither, I'm not really that religious.

Do you think London should have a patron saint and what would they do?
Yeah, he could be like, the King of Fish and Chips, maybe?

What country are you glad you're not from?
Ross, 25, charity worker: [long pause] Err, I don't know, any – [longer pause] any country that's suffering, I guess?

Such as?
At the moment probably err, um – [long, long pause] I don't know, man.

Are you English?

Are you proud to be English?
Yeah, I suppose so.

I'm proud to be English because – [yet another long pause] That's a good question.

Stumped. What do you think of the dragon St George slayed?
Big… impressive monster… breathing fire?

That's a dragon, well done.

Alex, 25, student: Bulgaria. No, actually, I'm not happy where I'm from.


I thought you were English. Are you Bulgarian?

You can't choose where you're from.
OK, Romania, because of the restrictions on work permission and occupation restrictions.

Do you know about St George and the dragon?
Yes, we have that story too.

How do you picture the dragon?
Red because that's the colour of anger.

Do you have a patron saint in Bulgaria?
Yeah, Sophia. She's the one that was immortal and never got older.

She's still alive?
Yeah, probably.

Are you St Sophia?


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