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What Would You Say to David Cameron If He Was Driving Your Cab?

"'Take me home.' Well, isn't he a taxi driver?"

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You know what people love? Political PR stunts involving hidden cameras and leaders trapped in confined spaces with their public. Which is maybe why the reaction to Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's latest ruse to get feedback from his voters was so successful. Stoltenberg spent an afternoon working as a taxi driver in Oslo to hear people's true views, and it seems everyone was pretty happy to see him (although I don't speak Norwegian, so those smiles could be masking pure vitriolic hatred – who knows?).


We wondered if the results would be as positive if our Prime Minister had a go at a similar tactic and, to gauge public opinion, asked them a question: What would you say to David Cameron if he was driving your cab?

Jorinde (left) and Sarah.

Jorinde: You know, I don't actually follow the news, to be honest, so I don't really know anything about the whole David Cameron situation. Apart from something about him being against porn.

VICE: Okay. What would you say to him about that?
I'd ask him how he thought it would even be possible; people are natural perverts, so to ban porn is redundant.

Do you think David watches porn?
Jorinde: Of course he does!
Sarah: Come on – he probably watches the worst of it all.

Mick: "Take me home." Well, isn't he a taxi driver?

Yeah – in this situation he is, but he's also the Prime Minister. Wouldn't you tell him what you thought of his policies?
I'm a cockney – a born and bred cockney. I don't give two monkeys about any of that as long as I've got a bench and some dope.

Fair enough.

Emma and Jack.

Emma: Cancel my student loan – that would be a good one.

You wouldn't shout at him?
Nah, he's doing his best. I dunno – they're all pretty annoying, to be honest. He's no worse than the rest of them. I'd maybe ask him to invest in small businesses. Everyone will just say something that benefits them.

True. Has anything as odd as the Prime Minister driving you around happened to you in a taxi? 
My driver tried to go the wrong direction up a one-way street and started shouting at me in Bangladeshi. I was in Limehouse.


Cool, thanks.

Enrico: I don't care about him. I'm Italian, I don't know.


"Airborne" (Mark): Don't take away the wheels and all the materials as a way of taxation.

But it's not his fault – it's just the government, but someone needs to take the blame. He's not a mastermind. The same thing is happening across the EU. It's just a trend -- the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer – it's nothing to do with him. It's been happening since the day dawned.

Right. Has anything as odd as the Prime Minister driving you around happened to you in a taxi? 
No, I can't afford a cab – never!

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