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Alabama Law Firm Courts Asian Demographic with 'Not Racist' Commercial

Welcome to your weekly roundup of the worst in advertising.

Welcome to your weekly roundup of the worst in advertising, marketing and social media “engagement”. This week’s indefencible local ad comes via the Alabama law firm McCutcheon & Hamner, brought to my attention by the Angry Asian Man. The character’s name is “Mr. Wong Fong Shu”, and was created and played by good ol’ boy Jim DeBerry of Definitive Television, a local production company. The copy, however, is via the lawyers, says DeBerry.


Below is DeBerry’s defensce against possibly being a racist moron. No word on if McCutcheon and/or Hamner counselled him on the wording of his tweet.

(Image via Find Law)

There is a time and place for brutally honest, crushingly depressing advertising and that time is never and that place is nowhere. Fuck you, Timberland. (Image via copyranter tips).

McDonald’s has taken a lot of heat for their Happy Meal toys in the past, prompting the fast feeder to start using prizes with a more educational slant. But with all the stories of deep-fried insects, reptiles and other critters people have found in their bags of food lately, two of the last words I want to see on a Happy Meal box are “FINDING SPIDERS”. Via the UK. Ad agency: Leo Burnett, London. (Image via: Ads of the World)

This week’s ad that will now spread like jihad through Tea Party email groups comes via Nigeria, for Hypo brand bleach. There are two more equally nuanced executions featuring Desmond Tutu in a Klansmen outfit and Ellen DeGeneres in a wedding gown. See all three on Ads of the World. (Creative note: Hypo’s tagline, “Damn Good Whites,” would also make a splendid Tea Party slogan.)