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Cry-Baby of the Week: A Guy Sued a Restaurant Because He Burned Himself While Praying Over Fajitas

Also this week: A woman allegedly knocked an old lady to the ground in a dispute over a handicapped parking spot.

It's time, once again, to marvel at some idiots who don't know how to handle the world:

Cry-Baby #1: Hiram Jiminez

Photos via Google Maps and Wikimedia Commons

The incident: A guy burned himself after attempting to pray over some sizzling fajitas at Applebee's, an American chain restaurant.

The appropriate response: Being less stupid in future.

The actual response: He attempted to sue Applebee's for not warning him they were hot.

Way back in March 2010, Hiram Jiminez and his brother Rafael visited an Applebee's restaurant in Westampton, New Jersey.


Jiminez bought a steak fajita, which was brought to him in a sizzling skillet.

According to court records, the waitress did not warn him that his food was hot. Presumably because that's not a thing that waitresses do, as, generally, if you're ordering food in a restaurant, you are doing so under the assumption that it will be served to you hot. Especially if that food is brought to you making an audible sizzling sound and emitting smoke, as Applebee's fajitas generally are.

After getting the food, Jiminez says he bowed his head over the dish and began to pray. As he was doing this, he claims that there was a "grease pop" from the fajita plate, which burned his face.

Jiminez then panicked and pulled the fajita skillet into his lap, causing burns to his legs, according to court docs.

According to a report on, Jiminez attempted to sue Applebee's in 2013. The case was dismissed after the judge ruled that the danger posed by putting your face next to a pile of smoking, sizzling meat and vegetables was "open and obvious."

Jiminez appealed the case, and, earlier this week, almost five years after the incident, was told that he would not be getting any damages.

Cry-Baby #2: Kezia Perkins

Screencap via Google Maps

The incident: A woman with no handicapped tags lost out on a handicapped parking space to a woman with tags.

The appropriate response: Parking in a regular space.

The actual response: She allegedly chest-bumped the other woman to the ground, seriously injuring her.


Earlier this week, 32-year-old Kezia Perkins was attempting to park her car in a handicapped spot at a Walmart in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

As she tried to maneuver her car into the space, another car, driven by a 71-year-old woman, pulled into it.

The 71-year-old who took the spot had valid handicapped tags. Though Perkins had handicapped tags on her car, they were neither valid nor registered in her name. Her license had also been suspended.

Surveillance footage shows that, despite this, Perkins approached the other car and began shouting at the elderly driver through the passenger window for taking the space.

It's not clear exactly what was shouted, but the 71-year-old attempted to exit her car and make her way into the store. As she did this, Perkins can be seen on the surveillance footage knocking her to the ground. One witness said that Perkins had chest-bumped the woman.

According to a report on Fox 6, Perkins told police "It's not my fault the elderly woman bounced off my big [chest]."

As a result of being pushed to the ground, the woman required five hours of surgery to treat a fractured femur and fix a hip replacement that was messed up in the fall.

In a statement Perkins's attorney said that she is innocent: "This was an unfortunate accident that came about after a misunderstanding between two individuals. Ms. Perkins is, herself, disabled, however the fact that her disability is not immediately noticeable led to confusion between the two women. More than anything, this case highlights the need for individuals to be aware of and sensitive to the fact that many people may suffer from disabilities and ailments that are not always readily noticeable. We believe that the facts will come out as this matter progresses and that ultimately Ms. Perkins will be cleared of the charges in this case."


The attorney did not specify which unnoticeable disability Perkins has that causes her to knock old ladies to the ground.

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