Fully Grown Adults Getting Baptised


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Fully Grown Adults Getting Baptised

It's not just screaming children who are taking the plunge in Romania.

A Pentecostal Christian gets baptised.

This article originally appeared on VICE Romania

When you hear the word baptism, you probably think of piss-poor catering and a screaming child being doused in water, right? This might be the case in Britain but in Romania – the European Union's most religious country – baptisms aren't always that straightforward.

Photographer Remus Ţiplea has been studying the ways in which various Christian denominations admit their followers. "Orthodox and Catholic Christians baptise their new-borns, whereas Pentecostals, Adventists and Jehovah's Witnesses are baptised when they hit adulthood," Remus explains. "People don't take the plunge until they feel ready to do so, because it's considered a very important process and usually happens in front of the entire community."


A Jehovah's witness baptism.

He continues: "Each community is guided by certain rules, and if you follow them, they will welcome you. I've established a strong connection with many of them, they know me and are used to me being around."

Of course, there have also been times when things didn't go according to plan: "Once, I travelled a few hundred kilometres to where the ceremony was taking place, and the leaders of the congregation simply forbade me from taking any pictures. At another ceremony, I was told, very politely, that I wasn't welcome at their ritual because I had a beard. My favourite experience was in a village on the bank of the river Somes. The priests were baptising people in the river and I actually followed them in so I could take pictures. I was up to my neck in water."

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The Pentecostal church only baptises people close to adulthood.

A Pentecostal Christian is baptised in a giant water tank.

Adventists praying before a baptism.

Pentecostal Christians performing a baptism in a river.

A Pentecostal baptism in Camarzana, Satu Mare County.

A young man gets a Christian Orthodox baptism.

The baptism of a Pentecostal church member.

Pentecostal Christians pray during baptism.

Pentecostal Christians walking towards a river to be baptised.

Jehovah's Witnesses watching a baptism

A Christian Orthodox baptism.

A Pentecostal Christian being baptised.