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Pornification Premieres Next Week

Put your dicks and vaginas away for a second and watch the trailer for our new show.

If you're not at work and are on the internet right now, chances are you've got your dick or vagina out. Hell, I'm at work and I've got my dick out anyway (it's cool, our HR department doesn't read this website). Let's face it, aside from answering emails and tweeting a thing or two every now and again, if you're online you're masturbating. Which makes sense – the internet was invented by a handful of horny individuals who dreamt of creating a platform where they could facilitate the instantaneous exchange of ATM, DP, RTF, BBW and CBT content around the globe. They succeeded. So to celebrate jerking off and the things/ people we jerk off to, next week we'll be premiering a new series called Pornification. The show will be a frank discussion about the smorgasbord of smut that people watch. The interviewees will come from a variety of backgrounds – some who are in the porn industry and some who aren't – and will answer personal questions about their taste in pornography and how it applies to them in real life. The trailer for the show is above, and the first episode premieres on Tuesday, the 26th of June. OK, you can go back to Pornhub now.