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If You're Still Watching 'Girls' At Least You Got to Enjoy a New Robyn Track

"Honey" premiered on this week's episode of the show's final season.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

This article originally appeared on Noisey

HBO's Girls is coming to an end this year, and though I'm not really sure who its audience is anymore (I checked out long ago, after Lena Dunham jammed a Q-Tip in her ear, sorry), I do hold it in esteem for providing us with one of television's greatest music moments:

"Dancing on My Own" by Swedish pop behemoth Robyn provided Girls with one of its most iconic scenes back in its first season, and the song has since become kind of synonymous with the show. So it feels fitting that as Girls is on its way out, Robyn decided to donate another track for the soundtrack, of which you can hear a snippet below, interspersed with dialogue from the show, via Soundcloud:

It's a brand new song called "Honey" and it feels like standard Robyn, with a bouncy beat and a chorus that builds with the best of them. According to Dunham, "Honey" will feature on Robyn's next album, the follow up to 2010's Body Talk (feel old yet?!), and thankfully for Girls, it's just further proof that Robyn, despite her bubblegum pop beginnings, can make anything (ahem) cool. Here's her take on "Honey"'s use in the show:

(Image via Robyn on Instagram)