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VICE vs Video games

Listen to the VICE Gaming Podcast's Best Games of 2015 Special

Emily Gera and Steve Burns join VICE Gaming's Mike Diver to chat about 'Her Story', 'Metal Gear Solid V', 'Undertale' and more.

Illustration by Stephen Maurice Graham

Hello, potential listener. Here's the first VICE Gaming Podcast, entirely willing to find its way into your ears. So, please, allow it – it's a friendly little thing, and you may even find it informative and/or entertaining. That's the point, at least.

For this debut episode, we're focusing on the best video games of 2015, the ones we've really loved, and a handful of titles that warrant discussion but perhaps aren't Actually All That Brilliant. Joining me around the microphones are freelance games writer Emily Gera (cider and Undertale) and deputy editor Steve Burns (lager and Metal Gear Solid V).


Stream the podcast below, or download for offline enjoyment, the choice is yours.

Why do a podcast? Fair enough, as it's not like every other gaming site out there doesn't already do one. The problem I've long had with my favourite gaming podcasts, though, is that they go on too long. So the intention for the VICE Gaming Podcast is to keep things snappier. This first episode is about 40 minutes long – future instalments, with a clearer focus on fewer topics, will be shorter. There will also be different voices every time, always experts in their fields, and always guests who I feel are thoroughly good people (who you'll like to listen to). That's the plan.

This podcast does contain swearing. Just so you know. Don't act like you weren't expecting any. I'd really appreciate your feedback on this – what you like about it, what you think we could do differently next time, and even conversations we should be having about video games in 2016. You can tweet me directly, send a message to @VICEGaming, or comment below.

Find our guests on Twitter and follow them, too, because they both crave your attention and are worthy of it: @twitgera / @thesteveburnio

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