Move Around and People Will Think You're Sexy

Lee Jeans want you to move around, so they made a video showing you the best ways to do so.

Lee Jeans have been making denim for over 100 years, so they obviously know what they're doing when it comes to getting the fit right. I mean, you know when you're dancing in jeans and they get all bunched up, or drag across the floor, or cut you off everywhere you don't want to be cut off on a night out? That's because a large amount of denim – especially the higher end stuff – is designed for looks and concentrates on boring stuff like selvage and stitch detailing, rather than taking into account the little details, like, y'know, how they feel when you have them attached to your body for 16 hours of the day.

Lee's new primary focus is movement, meaning they want you to move around in their jeans (if you hadn't picked up on the link there), so everything this season is catered towards that. Which is good, because movement makes you healthy and healthy makes you live longer, which is something most people are into. For their AW12 video lookbook, the brand recruited dancers, synchronised swimmers and ex-Olympic gymnasts to perform in their respective expert fields of movement. The video is all overlaid with moody, classical Spanish guitar and a quote from James Brown about dancing against the grain that makes me really wish I was James Brown.

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