Let's Play Darts!

Photos taken inside a confusing theatre for the pissed.

It seems like Sky have ploughed a shit ton of money into darts recently. When you're watching it on TV, and the camera pans across the room, it's easy to survey the scene and arrive at the conclusion that Sky are taking the piss. Who are these fancy dress morons? Who gave them those signs? Who are the fat men? Why does throwing darts at a wall make them sweat? Why do they all look like they spend their Sundays drinking alone in A-road pubs? Oh, they're the future of sport. Oh, I see. Are you sure, though?

Luke Overin, one of VICE's favourite photographers, thinks darts is fucking great:

"This photo-essay is a celebration of British darts fans. Ever since I was a kid watching the darts with my dad on the TV, I've seen it as something dramatic and theatrical – the grand entrances of the players, the reactions of the fans, the huge guitar tunes blaring over the top and the general chaos and party atmosphere.

"Gradually my interest has turned to the fan, especially the diehards. It's the same with football, really, and like many of my recent projects, these photos are a bi-product of having a really great time, making new mates and having a massive piss-up.

"I think it's important to explore notions of time and change in photography, but also to celebrate the constant and the permanent. Darts represents the latter for me, it seems suspended in a constant state, unaffected by big money and anything but itself, really."

To be honest, it's hard not to see the charm in darts. Even when you realise that the idea of it existing in some timeless bubble for all eternity would mean that someone, somewhere would always be dressed as The Mask singing the riff to "Chelsea Dagger".

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