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Trump Edited the Jokes in His Own Roast to Sound Richer

Trump was lying about his finances well before the election.
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If we wanted to know about Donald Trump's propensity for lying about money, all we had to do was take a look at the edits he made to his Comedy Central Roast jokes.

According to the Huffington Post, the former business mogul made edits to the drafts of the show's proposed jokes in order to exaggerate his wealth. He reportedly edited one joke about his fake "25,000 square-foot penthouse atop [a] solid-gold space station" to 50,000 square feet. He also wanted to change the dollar amount to "billion" in his line: "I'm sorry, I must go now and make a million dollars somewhere else."

Trump also wrote a few jokes of his own and made edits in the margins of the drafts. "Their all losers and I like associating with loser because it makes me feel even better about myself," one edit reads, showing off both a first grader's sense of humor and grammar ability.

The released edits follow a list of Trump's suggested joke topics that longtime Roast writer Aaron Lee released back in August. While Trump's kids, hair, and "having sex with models" were all fair game for the roast, he was reportedly not cool with jabs about his finances or multiple bankruptcies.

"It's always interesting to learn what is 'sacred' for a celebrity," Lee wrote.

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