Ferris Wheels and Giant Chocolate Bars: Portraits from Kivik's Market


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Ferris Wheels and Giant Chocolate Bars: Portraits from Kivik's Market

Kivik's Market on Skåne's East coast is Sweden's largest market of its kind, according to its organisers. That may or may not be true, but it's certainly a market surrounded by a fair deal of myths. It used to be infamous as the marketplace of sin with its snake charmers, strippers, and travellers. As well as being a key spot for dealers to make bargain affairs – with the lowest prices in the country – it also used to be a site where Sweden's raggare [greasers] and drunks picked up fights.


But Kivik's Market has changed over time. Today, prices aren't lower than elsewhere, and the various burlesque artists are nowhere to be found. Although you may spot a teen or two as they binge drink for the first time, and the occasional raggare hanging around William Arne's Motor Show, Kivik's Market isn't much different from its Northern European counterparts. The only thing left from its history are the large quantities of visitors and the myths within the walls of the fortune teller's trailer.

Stehag-based photographer Johan Jehlbo went to this year's Kivik's Market as part of his ongoing photography project about Swedish vacation spots. Here's a sample of what he saw and portraits of the people he met.

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