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A Beginners Guide To Anarchy In The UK: London's Least Popular Copper

If you attend any major protest in central London, (and there are a lot of them these days), you’ll see the crowd focusing on one very unpopular policeman. Apart from the cop who killed Ian Tomlinson, he is perhaps the most unpopular policeman in Britain today.

His name is Delroy Smellie, and at the G20 protests in 2009 in front of the world's watching media this neanderthal scumbag assaulted a woman. Confronted by this female protester armed with a carton of orange juice, he lacerated her legs and slapped her across the face. What a metaphor for modern state control: A caveman, in thug-fancy-dress, whipping a girl with a metal truncheon.


Here's a terrifying funk-trance video about his crimes (no-one said the revolution would be tasteful).

If anyone one else was filmed hitting girls with metal bars, they'd receive a custodial sentence and, you'd assume, lose their job and most of their friends. But, when a cop does it he's acquitted in court of assault and her orange juice is accepted as a potential threat to his safety.

The police force exists to protect and serve the interests of the ruling establishment, and their daily job is maintaining the “Queen’s peace” (or the King's, whichever illegitimate inbred is on the throne at the time shitting on the peasantry) by ensuring that the proles do not step out of line. We slaves allowed our controllers to have a monopoly on violence. Ostensibly this is to “protect us from one another”, but that lie falls apart when we see the Establishment protect one of their Mafia Capos in the courts.

Smellie is lucky to have the power of the state behind him. And he is also lucky that the media thinks of anarchists as hooligans and thugs. In an astounding example of doublespeak, they demonise angry human beings breaking bank windows and other corporate establishments as violent, yet are strangely silent when one of their pitbulls beats up an unarmed woman. Violence at demonstrations is only sanctioned in one direction, from shepherd to sheep. The state must keep the fear in the minds of the population, and this is why they sanction violence against protesters and Smellie is no one-off. During the recent student riots, a young man with cerebral palsy was pulled out of his wheelchair by the police and another young man named Archie had brain surgery after falling victim to a cop who wanted to play cricket with his head.


Perhaps Smellie's situation is only a metaphor for a wider confusion in British society. Even the Daily Mail were incensed by his actions, but now the man has been promoted. Smellie is now a stormtrooper in the terrifying Forward Intelligence Gestapo of the Metropolitan Police. This really is an absurd world. What this wide gulf between public outcry and establishment inaction shows is the general psychopathic mind-set of those in power – after all, the officer in charge of the operation that led to the shooting of Charles de Menezes at Stockwell has been promoted as well.

So, Delroy Smellie, because I know the police follow my work closely, I know you have seen my masterpieces such as “Fuck You Officer Smellie” and “The Resignation of Smellie” on YouTube. I am pretty sure an officer will forward you this article and just to be clear: I am asking you to resign.

You know Smellie, there are a growing number of people whose minds are not dulled by the social norms that dictate we should have a blind respect for authority. And we do not forgive, we do not forget. As Britain descends into a road warrior society of the people versus an illegitimate state, we will follow you at protests. You will not be left alone until you resign. And when you do eventually resign; I hope it occurs to you that every woman you’ve hit is someone’s daughter or someone’s sister.

You will pay for your violence.

Fuck you Smellie.

Resign now.

This is the first in a series of articles our anarchist friend Charlie Veitch is writing to help you, A Member Of The UK's Newly Re-Politicised Youth, get to grips with your enemies and your concerns.