This story is over 5 years old.


Tel Aviv Fashion Week

Hedonism in the Holy Land.

In the first episode Charlet and co arrive in the party capital of the Middle East and are treated to a show by Italian fashion giant, Moschino. Charlet rubs some fashion people up the wrong way by talking about anorexia, before heading to a restaurant to watch some models stuff their faces with food.

In Part Two, the Fashion Week Internationale team hang out in a basement with a naked model and our new favourite fashion photographer whose forbidden fantasies prove a little too close to home when fresh conflict breaks out between Israel and Palestine.

Due to the escalation of violence in Gaza, our shoot with hot babes and real guns gets cancelled. We are faced with the prospect of having nothing to do except dodge rockets. Finally, the foreign office advises we get the hell out of the country, so we do what any sane person would do and head to the beach.