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​Canadians Prefer Their Weed to Be Sold by the Government, Poll Says

The results are in. Canadians want marijuana legalization to be boring and soonish.

Look at all that weed. Still courtesy of Canadian Cannabis.

Canadians, known for their sensibility (a.k.a. boringness) and love of weed, want the Trudeau government to legalize pot and sell it through government-run stores, a new poll says.

The Forum Poll, made available exclusively to VICE, shows 40 percent of those polled want a legalized model where a few large companies grow cannabis and then distribute through government run stores where it can be taxed.


The most popular answer for what to do with those green tax dollars is to put the money into Canada's debt (21 percent), followed by drug addiction programs at 17 percent. Putting the money into law enforcement or government surveillance didn't make the cut as an option.

Kind of surprisingly (to be fair, this might be a self-selecting bias), only 19 percent of Canadians say they smoked weed in the past year, although the number rises to 36 percent in the coveted 18-34 age bracket.

Continuing the stereotypes-being-proven-by-data section of this story, Green Party supporters are the most likely to have smoked up in the last year (34 percent), while Conservatives supporters are the least likely (10 percent). But 24 percent of polled Canadians said they would smoke weed if (when) it is legalized, solidifying our reputation as law-fearing people

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