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This Teacher Was Fired for Breaking into School to Watch Porn and Have Phone Sex

Apparently teachers don't know how to use their own computers either.

This is an apple. Not a sex toy. Photo via Flickr user andeecollard

An elementary school teacher in British Columbia has been found guilty of professional misconduct after breaking into his workplace at night to watch porn and have phone sex, according to a document posted by the Education Ministry.

Darren Hankey, formerly a Grade 4 and 5 teacher from the Maple Ridge/East Vancouver area, was found guilty by an educational disciplinary board last month after being fired from his job in February 2014. The board found that he had, on a number of occasions, used school time and equipment for his sexual escapades. After getting ahold of Hankey's laptop, the school discovered more than 200 explicit images of Hankey and others—all of which were mixed with with family photos and students' report cards (the same ones he forgot to file on multiple occasions). He was also accused of being bad at filing report cards on time but that seems neither here nor there. "Most of the allegations dealt with in this proceeding raise issues of dishonesty as a result of [Hankey's] desire to hide his inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature utilizing school property, and his lack of due diligence in record keeping," the document says. "Dishonesty by a teacher is not model behavior to be followed by students and does not honor the fundamental trust that a community must have in its teachers." Initial allegations against Hankey arose in January 2013 after a colleague noticed her work computer had been used by another teacher without her permission while she was away from work. According to the teacher, the computer was returned to her in "sticky" condition (ew) and the search history included phrases like "sexy swingers into the lifestyle." Other teachers, tipped off by the original complainant, began to notice a series of visits by Hankey at late hours of the night and on weekends. Further searches through school computers revealed Hankey had been visiting porn sites and making sexual phone calls on school phones on 35 separate occasions. (Dude, get a fucking iPhone.) The school's subsequent investigation found other holes in Hankey's stories. He claimed he had his laptop stolen on a trip to Washington state when it was actually still in his possession, and he created fake sick notes when he wasn't actually ill. Instead, he was attending court for an unrelated case related to domestic abuse. Hankey did not attend his own panel hearing for the report in 2014 (hopefully he was signing up for a phone plan). The panel has now asked the ministry to weigh in on what an appropriate punishment would be. Though the humiliation of not understanding how to work the internet in the modern era is probably enough. Follow Jake Kivanc on Twitter.