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Cry-Baby of the Week: A Guy Sued a Haunted Attraction Because He Tripped While Running Away From It

Also this week: a guy pulled out a gun at work and threatened to shoot some plastic spiders.

It's time, once again, to marvel at some idiots who don't know how to handle the world:

Cry-Baby #1: Scott Griffin

Screencap via YouTube

The incident: A man tripped while running away from a guy with a fake chainsaw at a haunted house.

The appropriate response: Not running away. Everyone knows the actors aren't allowed to touch you.

The actual response: He sued.

Way back in 2011, a man named Scott Griffin went to the Haunted Trail, which is an outdoor haunted house-type attraction in a park in San Diego.


As is standard at these type of things, actors jump out at patrons as they walk through. As Griffin was exiting the attraction, an actor with a fake chainsaw jumped out, spooking him. When Scott attempted to run away from the actor he fell and injured his wrist.

Griffin took legal action against Haunted Hotel Inc., the company that runs the Haunted Trail, suing them for negligence and assault. This lawsuit was, thankfully, dismissed by California's Superior Court.

This didn't stop Griffin, though, who appealed the decision.

Last Friday, the lawsuit was dismissed by the Court of Appeal, who concluded that Griffin should have probably expected to get scared when he was paying money to be scared by professional scarers at a scary attraction. "The risk that a patron will be frightened, run, and fall is inherent in the fundamental nature of a haunted house attraction like The Haunted Trail," the court said, according to a report in the San Diego Reader. "Being chased within the physical confines of The Haunted Trail by a chainsaw-carrying maniac is a fundamental part and inherent risk of this amusement. Griffin voluntarily paid money to experience it."

Cry-Baby #2: Chris White

Screencap via ABC

The incident: A man who is scared of spiders arrived at work to discover plastic spiders had been put up around his office.

The appropriate response: Laughing.

The actual response: He took out a gun and threatened to shoot the fake spiders.


Earlier this month, assistant prosecutor Chris White arrived at his job at an office opposite the courthouse in Logan, West Virginia, to find that the office's secretaries had decorated for Halloween. The decorations included several plastic spiders like the ones pictured above.

Chris, who reportedly has arachnophobia, allegedly "became irate" when he saw the decorations. Speaking to WCHS, Chris's boss, John Bennett, said that Chris told the secretaries that "it wasn't funny" and that he "couldn't stand them."

Chris then allegedly took out a gun and threatened to shoot the fake spiders. "It had no clip in it, of course they wouldn't know that, I wouldn't either if I looked at it, to tell you the truth," Bennett said.

"Quite naturally, the ladies were concerned, as I would have been. Anybody would be, I would think, with a gun no matter where it was," he added.

As of Wednesday of this week, Chris has been suspended indefinitely. He was at the company for five years. "I never saw it coming, that's for sure," Bennett said. "Obviously, I wouldn't have even hired him if I had seen it coming."

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