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This Hells Angels Clubhouse Is Also a 'Pokémon Go' Gym

And apparently the competition is heating up.

Image via Google Street View

While over 700 Hells Angels are meeting up in Ottawa this weekend, one of their clubhouses in British Columbia has apparently become the site of an escalating Pokémon Go battle.

The gang's clubhouse in Coquitlam is a designated Pokémon gym, which I guess makes it like a flame to the millions of nostalgia-addicted moths who can't stop playing the Nintendo game on their phones. Longtime West Coast gang reporter Kim Bolan was tipped off about the gym on Friday, and players have since started fighting over the spot.


If smack talk on Reddit can be considered any indication, the competition is heating up. "I beat this gym with a Hypno named MattDamon," one commenter bragged. "What a low level Pokemon. I'm going there right now to reclaim the gym for team blue," replied another. "You don't want to start a turf war with us."

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While it might not necessarily be a bad thing to have extra eyeballs on a gang hangout, police definitely aren't happy about it.

"We think it's highly inappropriate that this game would include a location that attracts all ages—including children—to the location of a gang," BC anti-gang police force spokesperson Sgt. Lindsey Houghton told the Province.

But considering one kid in Vancouver jumped onto Skytrain tracks while playing Pokémon Go earlier this week, it's tough to say whether the game or the gang poses more of a threat.

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