Denna historia är över 5 år gamla.
The Guccione Archives Issue

Gucci Girls

The girls that helped make mysterious Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione an icon.

av Bob Guccione's Archives
2013 09 12, 2:00pm
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The super special September issue of VICE was exclusively culled from the archives of Bob Guccione Sr – the legendary magazine publisher who built a media empire that started with Penthouse. This portion of the issue features the sexy ladies who helped make Bob Guccione an icon – the Gucci Girls.

Photos By: INDRANI; Producer: Rick Shwartz; Lingerie: Guccione Girls by GK Reid; Fur: Brandon Sun; Jewelry: Erickson Beamon; Hair: Lacy Redway; Makeup: Andie Markoe-Bryne; Retouching: Double Exposure Studios and Annie Rosen; Models: Alissa, Casie, Chantal, Dayana, Deana, Leanna, Stefani

For even more unpublished archival material, please visit The Guccione Collection website, which is devoted to illuminating all the varied corners of Bob's legacy and creating new content in the spirit of the Guccione empire.

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