Last Week On Noisey: We Coloured Some Rappers In

Oh, and Action Bronson put out his FIRST EVER RELEASE ON VICE RECORDS!

Y'know what's gangster as fuck? Colouring shit in. Luckily for everyone, Bun B released the Rap Colouring Book, a collaborative project with the very excellent illustrator Shea Serrano, and we decided to devote some time to trying it out. Watercolours, felt-tips, fine art level pencil shading, we didn't fuck around.

After putting our crayons down, we spoke to very un-PC The Jewish Monkeys who said their music is "what pop would sound like if the holocaust never happened", were mean to some Kendrick Lamar fans queuing for his ~intimate~ gig at Rough Trade East and discovered the new sound of Venezuela's ghettos, "tuki". Oh, and ACTION BRONSON RELEASED HIS EVER FIRST PROJECT FOR VICE RECORDS, MIXTAPE RARE CHANDELIERS, NO BIG DEAL, YEAH? 

As always, there was also a ton of good new music out (lol, like I'm ever going to say, there is squat out I just listened to Tevin Campbell all day.) My boo Heems of Das Racist, finally released his mixtape Wild Water Kingdom, Carnage teamed up with the first lady of Chicago's terrifying under ground rap scene, Katie Got Bandz and Björk's Bastards remix album blew everyone's minds. There was a ton of other good shit, but if you're extra ADHD you can conveniently stream it all in this handy Cloud Player I made for you, mmmkay?

Happy colouring idiots! Byyyyyyyeeeeeee

Jo. FK



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