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Christmas' Hottest Toy Is Telling Some Kids to ‘Fuck Me’

For one Canadian couple the toy they got their six-year-old son for Christmas immediately started channeling Linda Blair in The Exorcist.
Mack Lamoureux
Toronto, CA

Few things beat Christmas when you're a kid (if your family adheres to it). Getting up early, surrounding the tree with your loved ones and of course, opening presents. This is the big moment, that gift from Santa—that money gift—the toy you've waited all season for is finally yours.

Then that magical toy says, "fuck me."

That's what at least one family experienced around the Christmas tree this year. Sarah and Nik Galego, a couple in Victoria, Canada bought a Hatchimal (one of the season's hottest toys) for their six-year-old son and when unwrapped, the little thing started to channel Linda Blair from the Exorcist.


"Fuck me," it says repeatedly, among what can only be described as moans.

Hatchimals are sophisticated little toys that arrive in eggs, then hatch when played with enough and once out of their eggs, can learn how to talk, walk and all sorts of other neat stuff. The toy doesn't have a preset foreign language for it to speak when hatched but learn their own personalized one, which is where the mistake could be originating from. The thing is, the Hatchimal isn't supposed to talk while hatching, but this one came out of its egg swearing like a sailor.

"It was doing its hatching process and it fell asleep, and we both looked at each other and we're like, that's not what it's saying, is it?" Sarah told CTV.

Others have noticed the problem as well and uploaded similar videos to YouTube.

As the Furbies of 2016, Hatchimals sold out of stock before Christmas and the toy, with a suggested retail price of almost $90 (€85), was being sold on E-bay and Kijiji for upwards of $400 (€380). Spin Master, the company behind the toy, said that they "sincerely apologize" to anyone having issues (other Hatchimals just didn't work) and have increased their customer care team upped their hours.

"While the vast majority of children have had a magical experience with Hatchimals, we have also heard from consumers who have encountered challenges," Spin Master told VICE in a statement. "We are 100% committed to bringing the magic of Hatchimals to all of our consumers."

As for the parents who bought the foul-mouthed little toy in particular, well, they're pretty darn chill about the whole thing.

"It's good at teaching him responsibility. It's been really cool watching him take care of it," Sarah told CTV. "I found our little flaws with the Hatchimal pretty hilarious.

"We're not going to return it or file any complaints with it. It's pretty funny."

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