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How Should We Stop All That Radiation That's Leaking Out And About in Fukushima?

Summing up pretty much everything Americans hate about nose-thrusting, superior liberals in the media; The Guardian have merged the vaulted nu-media-fantasy of 'reader generated content' and inane democratic urges into one colossally smug attempt to save the world.

The Guardian have asked their readers to try to come up with a solution to the whole radiative-Fukushima problem.

It's a relief that we'll no longer have to rely upon those troglodyte nuclear scientists currently jabbing crayons up their nostrils and finger-painting obliviously as Japan melts. Instead, the intellectual might of the collective lunch breaks of several hundred Charlie Brooker, George Monbiot and iPad fans is now aimed at Fukushima. These heroes are determined to resolve the ghastly problem with a flood of succinct 520 word emails to


To their credit, many of their readers took a break from visiting "London's hidden markets" to try and answer it. They gave answers ranging from the redundant:

To the classic "USA strategy":

To "legalise the weed!":

To, yes, the actually insightful. Which The Guardian have gathered here.

I have faith that we must have some EXTREMELY intelligent readers; so I'm going to put the same question to you: How should we stop all that radiation that's leaking out and about in Fukushima?

Write your ideas in the comment section below and try not to humiliate us beneath Alan Rusbridger's lidless eye.

Best suggestion wins some free promo items we have lying around our office, a date with one of our interns (we have both sexes) and the knowledge that they have saved the entire world.