The Guy Using Webcams to Spy On Us in Our Homes


This story is over 5 years old.


The Guy Using Webcams to Spy On Us in Our Homes

Zachary Pointon wants to turn domestic voyeurism into a new kind of artform.

I first started taking photographs of people on the street to see if I could capture interesting moments, and that somehow grew into me testing how far I could pry into others' lives. I found that going unnoticed as an observer gives a more powerful effect to the final image and asks more – or at least different – questions. The more removed I am as a photographer, the weirder, more voyeuristic and sinister the images become.


I began looking at unsecured security cam-streams which are used by skiing centres, car parks or motorway officials. Every now and then, somebody's home would pop up. Then a hospital bed. And with regular frequency, uncomfortably, children's cribs. I felt strange but weirdly empowered playing "rear window", and that was a feeling I wanted to transfer to others.

I think that we all like to look at pictures of other people doing various things, whether it be drunk people or naked celebrities. When it's a normal guy eating breakfast, or a woman taking her dogs out for a walk, there's that naggy thought that, 'Maybe I shouldn't be witnessing this.' That's what I think makes these images interesting. In a strange way, I see this as street photography's morally questionable little brother.

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