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Experimental Music with Dan Deacon

It's two parts "Bill Nye", 1.5 parts "Meet the Band" and 100 percent awesome.

It was 3 PM when we got word that Dan Deacon wanted to hang out with Motherboard for the first episode of our new series, Experimental Music. We'd just finished shooting giant telescopes in West Virginia (shhh spoilers!), but we knew it would be worth it to make the five-hour trek to Baltimore to check in with Deacon, whose new album America launches August 26 and 27. (You can listen to his new single here.) Oh, and we wanted to make some slime with him.

We arrived at 11 PM and started setting up in Dan's space. Then we opened some brews, unpackaged our slime materials, and did science with him while he chatted about his quest to balance being a serious composer with being an electro-pop genius. It's two parts Bill Nye, 1.5 parts "Meet the Band," and 100 percent awesome.