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tea time with t. kid

A Podcast on Weed Entrepreneurship with a Side of Raw Vegan Edibles

This week on 'Tea Time with T. Kid', our host chats with Michael Zaystev, a cannabis entrepreneur who runs an unexpected business.
Illustration by Heather Benjamin

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This week on Tea Time with T. Kid, I chatted with Michael Zaystev, one of America's many newly-minted cannabis entrepreneurs. But he's not growing, selling, or extracting weed. Rather, Mike's weed business is the business of weed, and he helps push the legal cannabis industry along by organizing cannabis-minded folks in New York City through an organization he founded called High NY. He also wrote a book called The Entrepreneurs Guide to Cannabis that is exactly what it sounds like: An orientation on the ins and outs of a long black market industry that is now emerging above board (regardless of how slowly the DEA adapts to it ).

My friend Skeletor also joined us and brought with him some lovely flowers and raw vegan edibles that we went to town on. As always, we talked about weed, as well as making friends on acid, why edibles sit better with some people than others, and the groups of street-dwelling New Yorkers who do drugs in parks.

Top illustration by Heather Benjamin.

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