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Watch Two Huge Trucks Fight to the Death on the Streets of China

Two rival construction companies went at each other in front-end loaders as cars fled the scene in what can only be assumed is absolute terror.

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Northern China turned into an IRL BattleBots competition last Saturday, when a couple of construction workers were caught on camera after jumping in their front-end loaders and turning their job site into a crash derby.

The Guardian reports that the workers were from two competing construction companies bidding for business in a Chinese construction market that has seen incredibly hard times lately—growth in that sector is down nearly two thirds from its peak a decade ago.

After the competing drivers allegedly got in a heated argument, they jumped in their machines to duke it out in a heated battle, while cars fled the scene in what can only be assumed is absolute terror. Eventually, one truck topples the other, and the losing driver pulls himself unharmed from the wreckage and runs for safety.

According to the Guardian, real estate construction represents close to a fourth of China's economy, and its dramatic slowdown has impacted many Chinese—not least of all its heavy equipment operators. These front-end loaders, in effect, were two starving lions fighting for the last bits of an already picked-clean zebra carcass. Except endlessly more badass than that.

UPDATE 4/18/16: A many commenters have noted, the giant mechanical beasts fighting in this video are front-end loaders—not bulldozers, as we originally reported.