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We're Having a Party to Celebrate The Fourth Dimension Premiere in Edinburgh

It's the film we made with Grolsch Film Works and everyone's invited!

The UK premiere of The Fourth Dimension is at Edinburgh Film Festival next Wednesday (June 27th) and we're throwing an afterparty to celebrate. It's happening at Opal Lounge on George Street (full address above) and starts at 9PM. Music will be provided by Errors, Bobby Cleaver and The Blessings. Also, there will be complimentary beer from Grolsch, which is more than you need to convince you to have a good time during graduation week. To come and get waaavy, RSVP here.

In case you didn't know, The Fourth Dimension is a film VICE made with Grolsch Film Works. It's got Val Kilmer in it riding a BMX around some confused, topless people in a carpark and was a collaboration of three of the world's finest directors, including Harmony Korine.

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