Israeli McDonald’s and Texan Wrestlers


This story is over 5 years old.

The Photo Issue 2016

Israeli McDonald’s and Texan Wrestlers

A mixed-media artist recreates her adolescence.

This story appeared in the 2016 Photo issue of VICE magazine.

Keren Shavit, an Israeli mixed-media artist and curator who lives and works in Brooklyn, based this portfolio on a collection of her personal letters and writings, as well as archival materials and clippings from Israeli newspapers, all from the 1980s. Synthesizing all of this, she reconstituted different moments from her adolescence, casting amateurs as a number of characters, with multiple actors often playing the same role. The story, partly documentary, partly scripted, focuses on two teenage girls, Peti and Lucy, who work at a cut-rate Israeli version of McDonald's and are obsessed with a family of wrestlers from Dallas.