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You Can Have Orgies Through Tinder Now, but Everyone Will Know

The app's new "Tinder Social" feature will allow you to date in groups, but it will also tell all your Facebook friends you're swiping.

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Tinder just rolled out a new feature called "Tinder Social" that will help you plan orgies from the comfort of your own home, the company announced Tuesday.

Tinder writes that the feature is about "meeting great groups of new people, and turning a basic night out into a night you'll never forget," which sounds like PR speak for winding up at someone's Airbnb for coke-fueled group sex.

The basic idea is that Tinder will allow you to match with groups of people, rather than just one boring jamoke. It sounds a little like that threesome-finding app 3nder, but with a small catch: All your Facebook friends will know you're searching for an Eyes Wide Shut sort of evening.

Because Tinder relies on users' Facebook information, you can see which of your Facebook friends—male, female, taken, or single—is on Tinder, and peep their profiles to see if you want to partner up. Since not everybody wants their friends, exes, and distant relatives to know they're swiping for love or group sex on Tinder, some users are a little pissed.

In response to the outrage about users being outed on Facebook, Tinder updated its initial post by saying that "any user who would prefer not to be added to groups can opt out of Tinder Social through his/her settings to no longer appear on their friends' lists."

Tinder also made sure to note that the feature is only being tested in Australia right now—but if all goes well Down Under, we'll be setting up our Tinder orgies stateside soon.