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New York - Pos Or Not

We just found out about this game from Gawker like 20 minutes ago, but already it has eaten away hours of our lives. The deal is, they give you a picture of some dude with their age, race, and some little factoid and you've got to figure out whether or not they've got the HIV. I guess the whole thing's supposed to teach how you can't tell a book by its cover, but you'd be surprised just how often the two sync up. Going by the pictures alone is kind of tough, mostly because they all look like they could have been clipped out of the playbill for Rent, but there's always some sort of tell for the positive ones, like saying "I was going to be a youth counselor" or "My greatest influence is my brother, who's everything I wish I could be" (catch the reference in there?). The only bummer is that they don't let you keep score, cause I swear I just had something like a 30-person streak. Oh yeah, that and the AIDS.