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This Is a 12-Minute Documentary DJ Khaled Made About His Trip to the Bahamas

Champagne bottles aren't usually this big.

Your eyes don't deceive you. That is DJ Khaled popping a bottle of champagne that is roughly half the size of DJ Khaled himself. What is the occasion for this, other than the normal, every day life of DJ Khaled being the best rapper alive? As every waiter in the Bahamas apparently knows, DJ Khaled has the number one urban record in the US, "Hold You Down," featuring Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future, and Jeremih. And to celebrate, he went to the Bahamas and made a video – nay, a documentary – of himself doing stuff like eating eggs, showering with his jewelry on, jet skiing, talking about jet skiing, meeting his many fans, getting massages, boating, hot tubbing, and popping bottles of champagne in pretty much all of the aforementioned situations. It is 12 minutes long because, if there is one thing DJ Khaled understands, it is the value of excess. Anyway, you owe it to yourself to watch this because you've always wanted to hear DJ Khaled talk about how "they don't want you to be on a jet ski doing 360s." There is nothing that has been more worth your time. Watch it below: