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Nicki Minaj's "The Night Is Still Young" Video Is Now on YouTube for All the World to Celebrate It

After its initial release on TIDAL, the video is out for everyone, and this one dude in it is so amped to see the moon.

Shortly after dropping the "Feeling Myself" video as a TIDAL exclusive last week, Nicki Minaj released her video for "The Night Is Still Young" on the streaming platform as well. But without the combined star power of Beyoncé and Nicki, it was overshadowed, and, with the general inscrutability of TIDAL as a platform, there's a good chance you didn't see it. Fortunately, now it's out on YouTube and Vevo for all the world to enjoy. And boy howdy are the people of the world enjoying it, if the people of the video are any indication. The plot of the video is essentially that there is an enormous moon, and people are really excited about that moon. Look at this guy. This is the happiest literally anyone, including werewolves and actual astronomers, has ever been to see the moon:


Everyone's so amped, in fact, that, in the uncharitable words of my coworker Kim Taylor Bennett, the whole thing looks a "a J-pop tampon commercial." Those looking for something more, however, might find plenty to enjoy in details like the Lamborghini taxi and the shots of Nicki and her BF Meek Mill (who was in the news today for telling Fader that they are not engaged despite T.I. insisting in the same story that they might as well be) cruising on an ATV. Or, you know, in the song itself, which, while it's definitely one of the more basic anthems in Nicki's catalog, is also great. I'm so down with cheesy Nicki. Sometimes I, too, stare up at the moon and play this song to get myself amped about life. As long as I'm being basic, I might as well just say it: This guy is my spirit animal:

Watch the video for "The Night is Still Young" below:

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