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Holy Shit

The Game and Drake Team for a New Track Called "100"

Insert a bunch of 100 emojis here.

Another day, another Drake collab. A couple months ago we found that leaked collaboration between him and Beyonce that was pretty great, we watched that makeout collaboration with Madonna, and who could forget his latest collaboration in introducing Apple Music to the world? This time he's collabin' with The Game for "100." Drake slows way the hell down on the track when he shows up, adding a nice contrast to The Game's fast flow. And it's probably because of The Game, but, like, Drake sounds kind of hard? Anyway, one thing to consider is this song clocks in at almost six fucking minutes long. We can't decide if we love that or not, but whatever. Who cares. The Game is sweet. Drake is sweet (even though he's sometimes a schmuck). 100 emoji.