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New music

Anton Newcombe Sings in Swedish with Les Big Byrd

And Les Big Byrd is going on tour.

Les Big Byrd has become something of our favourite band 2014 ever since they premiered the video for "Back to Bagarmossen" with us just in time for summer. Ever since, we've had the honour to see them play at this infamous, inhumane venue Cantina Real in Stockholm more than once.

We got hold of their latest video today for "Vi Borde Prata Men det är för Sent," which means something like, we should talk but it's too late. This time featuring legendary Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre with lyrics in Swedish (!). The lyrics are kind of heartbreaking.


Language aside it's a pretty epic autumn anthem. The video is really nice. It's directed by frontman Jocke Åhlund and edited by Miguel Angel Regalado.

Les Big Byrd will be touring a little bit of London and a little bit of Scandinavia starting on Friday, so we thought we'd give you heads up. It's probably going to be pretty intense even if the venues won't be as small and sweaty as we are used to.

3/10 - Roundhouse, London, UK (with GOAT)
4/10 - Two Headed Dog festival at Shacklewell Arms, London, UK
4/10 - PNKSLM party at Old Blue Last, London, UK
25/10 - L'Orient, Linköping, Sweden
27/11 - Vulkan Scene, Oslo, Norway
28/11 - Gothenburg Film Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden (with GOAT)
29/11 - Berns, Stockholm, Sweden (with GOAT)
12/12 - Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
13/12 - Radar, Århus, Denmark
20/12 - Rundgång Fågelsång at Storsjöteatern, Östersund, Sweden