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Firsties and Faves

Firsties and Faves: Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio talks first crushes, fave eras, and spaghetti…

Thanks to Daft Punk’s

Random Access Memories

we all know what it’s like to

hear Giorgio Moroder intimately discuss his life in your headphones

—which makes actually talking to him a discombobulatingly peculiar experience. Especially when he starts singing the basslines of his famous productions. Buoyed by Daft Punk’s tribute, the German-Italian record producer is in higher demand than ever, and returns this year with a new album (his first since 1992) and a storming DJ set that spans the many hits and ages of Giorgio. Here are his firsties and faves…


First synthesiser:

Probably the Minimoog or the JP8. Maybe the JP8 came out slightly before the Minimoog.

[The JP8 was released in 1981, so likely it was the Minimoog.]

Favorite sci-fi movie:

Maybe the big ones, Kubrick.

The Space Odyssey.

Or maybe it’s Metropolis? (Moroder reworked Fritz Lang’s 1927 silent movie, adding slabs of color, disco and Freddie Mercury, Bonnie Tyler, and Adam Ant)

No! So stupid!

[Shakes head]

Favorite era in time:

Oh, I would love to live in the future. In 50 years time, maybe.

Favorite singer:

I probably like Michael Jackson. He was so talented, and the productions were so good. They sound incredible.

​Favorite f​ood that reminds you of home:
Spaghetti. I could eat spaghetti morning, evening, lunch!

"Rush Rush," from the


(1982) soundtrack.

First famous crush:

That’s difficult. Famous, maybe… I liked Deborah Harry, but she was kind of attached, so nothing happened. But she was—is—beautiful. I just met her again in Mexico a few months ago, she performed there with her group. It’s quite interesting, they didn’t give up yet. And she’s not the youngest, I just checked. She was, God, beautiful.

​First live gig:

No idea, no idea.


That’s like 60 years ago. No, I can’t remember. One of the concerts in Munich I loved, I was very much impressed by Emerson, Lake and Palmer. The way Emerson was with the Moog was spectacular. I saw The Beatles, I saw Wings, it was OK. Then some of the heavy metal rock. There was a German group called Can, which is really weird.

Giorgio was interviewed at Moogfest 2014