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Apparently a Lot of Musicians "Love Music"

"I love music" -

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Throughout history, there have been many great quotes about music. From Beethoven to Bob Marley, musicians have always said words about music that can inspire us for generations. John Lennon said music quotes. Whitney Houston said music quotes. And many of today's biggest celebrities have music quotes that will make you think about music in a completely different way forever. After all, music is dope. For the best and most unforgettable celebrity quotes about music, read on:


1. "I love music" - Justin Bieber

Now that's real!

2. "I love music" -

Couldn't agree more!

3. "I love Rock and Roll music so much. What a great thing" - Ryan Adams

Real rock stars tell it like it is!

4. "I've always made music from the heart…that's what I do." - Kid Rock

So true!

5. "MUSIC IS LOVE" - Diddy

How can you not love music when you think about it like that?

6. "I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Skrillex

How can you not agree with this?!

7. "Music is the shyt" - Wale

Dxmn, it's true!

8. "music is seriously the greatest thing on EARTH." - Adam Levine

When the haters try to get you down, just remind them of this quote!

9. "I FUCKIN LOVE MUSIC!" - Katy Perry

Real music fans know what she's saying.

10. "one thing about music when it hits you feel no pain" - Diplo

Diplo said it best!

11. "Have I mentioned how much I love music today???" - Adam Levine

Agreed, Adam!

12. "Sometimes music all makes sense. It brings you to beautiful places, meeting amazing people and you become reminded why you create." - Macklemore

The only thing that makes more sense than music is this quote LOL!

13. "music is the real time machine. it can take you back as far as you wanna go." - Iggy Azalea

Mind. Blown.

14. "One thing 'bout music: when it hits, you feel no pain" - Drake

Drake said it best!

15. "I LOVE MUSIC SO MUCH" - Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator can be a real prankster, but you can't deny that he loves music.


16. "i love music" - Grimes

So true!

17. "People say that music isn't worth anything anymore, but imagine how different the world would be if suddenly all the music went silent." - Rivers Cuomo

That's a sad thing to think about. People are dumb! I know I'm going to #buy the next #Weezer album to show my support.

18. "I love music so much omg" - Ariana Grande

What a sweetheart!

19. "There's a feeling you get from making music that is unlike anything else in the world." - Kid Rock

Now that's real talk!

20. "i LOVE music.." - Diddy

Only real music fans know what he's talking about here!

21. "Big up everyone that likes music" - Diplo

Thanks for representing for the true music lovers, Diplo!

22. "Its about making music that you love" - Skrillex

That's just how it is!

23. "Folk music!" - Colin Meloy


24. "The only thing cooler than not liking 'cool music' is not even knowing what 'cool music' is." - Adam Levine

So real. Hipsters can get lost!

25. "gotta love the music" - Soulja Boy

Wow. It makes you think.

26. "I love all kinds of music" - Skrillex

Can't help but feel the same!

27. "One thing 'bout music when it hits you feel no pain" - dead prez

dead prez said it best!

28. "I love music more than anything else in the world" - Mac Miller

Hip-hop in the house! Music in the house!

29. "I make music. I love music." - Justin Bieber

If you want to know why Bieber is the best, this quote here is your answer!


30. "I love music." - Dave Grohl

Dave knows what he's talking about!

31. "It's just music." - Rivers Cuomo

What more is there to say?

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