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Kid Rock Telling Confederate Flag Protestors to Kiss His Ass Is Not Racist, Swears Fox News

"He’s done a lot to help Detroit, probably more so than the National Action Network, Al Sharpton’s group."

Earlier this week, the civil rights group National Action Network staged a protest in front a Detroit museum where Kid Rock is featured in an exhibit. Their message was clear: They wanted the hometown celebrity to stop using the Confederate flag in his live show and music videos.

The hosts at Fox News had a choice in covering this story: They could’ve either sided with the black protestors who were offended OR they could’ve sided with the rich white guy who supports an emblem of institutionalized racism that has nothing to do with his Michigan heritage. (There was also a third option where they could’ve simply reported the news sans bias but it’s Fox News.) Guess which side they took. If you guessed Wrong Side of History Forever and Ever, congratulations, you have sadly won!


Megyn Kelly and Dana Loesch, two people who likely cross to the other side of the street when about to walk past a black person, went into full-on Justify the Racism mode for "friend of The Kelly Files" Kid Rock.

“This group in Detroit, a city he has done a lot to help, now wants him boycotted and they’re calling him a ‘zero’ because he used the flag,” Kelly said incredulously.

“You’re right,” Loesch dutifully agreed. “He’s done a lot to help Detroit, probably more so than the National Action Network, Al Sharpton’s group, and that’s the group that staged a protest outside of a museum that had a Kid Rock exhibit because he’s a hometown native. The museum didn’t even have a Confederate flag, by the way.”

In case you don’t speak the language of Fox News bullshit-talk, “Al Sharpton” is code word for “black people who have opinions boooooo.”

Loesch continues: “One of the individuals who took part in this protest said ‘why would we have a symbol that represents genocide to Detroit?’ And when I think of genocide to Detroit, I think of the policies, and the people who have been governing Detroit for the last 20, 30, 40 years, that have been running this city into the ground.” Loesch sure is knowledgeable about Detroit's history. Surely, she must know that the city is 84.3 percent African American. And she must also realize how offensive it must be for that population's hometown to be represented by a white singer who waves the Confederate flag around for seemingly no reason.


Then Kelly dropped the bomb: “By the way, I’d like to introduce you to Kid Rock’s African American son, Bobby Jr.” she said, replacing on the monitor a scene from Kid Rock’s video wherein a bunch of women run around in Confederate flag bikinis with a photo of Kid Rock and his son. “I wonder if Bobby Jr. knows that his dad is a racist,” she joked.

The Fox women bring up some good, not-at-all head-spinningly stupid points as they struggled to make Kid Rock look like a hero. Like how, uh… wait, we lost it, hang on. How can Kid Rock holding the Confederate flag be racist when… uh, like, there’s bad stuff going on in his hometown? And, uh… why, uh… why do people say the Confederate flag is bad when Kid Rock… is… you know, Al Sharpton is worse.

Kelly also read a statement from Rock provided to Fox News: “Please tell the people who are protesting me to kiss my ass.” So now, Kid Rock, a Northerner, is going out of his way to support this symbol of Southern racism. And Fox News seems content to defend him until the bitter end.

There was an inflection in Megyn Kelly’s voice when reading the words “Confederate flag” at the top of the segment that belies how over this issue she is, like she was swallowing the word “ugh.” Well, if you’re tired of needing to have the same conversations about racial prejudice in America for the last 150-plus years, we agree with you there, Megyn.