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Holy Shit

Brace Yourselves, the RiFF RAFF Remix of "This Is How We Do" Is Here

It is 2014, and everyone is both trolling and not trolling simultaneously.

Katy Perry has appropriated RiFF RAFF from Mad Decent for the remix to "This Is How We Do," because it is 2014 and everyone is simultaneously trolling and not trolling all of the time. I have so many questions about this. Like, were they actually in the studio together for this? Did Katy have a conversation with RiFF RAFF where they discussed the subject matter of his verse, or did he just go in the booth and freestyle this off the dome like the freestyle scientist he is? Did this get hooked up through Katy Perry dating Diplo? If so, should Diplo be worried that she's just dating him as a publicity stunt to get in with the club kids? Is me posting this somehow part of a marketing plan to get Katy Perry posted on blogs via allowing herself to be reverse-takeovered by RiFF RAFF? It's probably not that deep, but then again, the song that auto-played after I listened to the remix for the first was Lorde's "Royals," so maybe this is all some sort of right-wing conspiracy to replace rap music with music that's less aggressive. Allow this to function as your daily reminder to stay woke, even when lounging in your snakeskin Versace slippers.