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all the good shit

All The Good Shit Released Around the World in August on One Webpage

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It’s been a whirlwind of a month. Frank Ocean pulled out of his headline set at FYF fest; The Weeknd dropped a long awaited new record; Bieber explained that “Where Are Ü Now” uses “expensive sounding sounds” to the NY Times; Tyler, the Creator was banned from the United Kingdom for the next three-five years; Dr Dre released Compton.

A lot of stuff has happened. Perhaps the most important new release of all has come from FKA twigs who released a fifteen minute long self-directed video that further cemented her position as one of music’s greatest auteurs. But aside from all that, there’s been a wealth of new, relatively unheard music from across the globe that deserves you attention. So without further ado, here’s “All The Good Shit” released across the world in August 2015.


All The Good Shit from the United Kingdom can be found here.

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Liss – “Try”

The voice is important. It’s simple, really. Without one, you’re reduced to ambience. And without one that stands out, then you’re even worse, reduced to mediocrity. So it’s with no surprise then that the lead vocalist of Liss has a voice that immediately piques interest, at times bordering into the territory between Connan Mockasin and Frank Ocean. The band are relatively young – they were still sitting exams before their shows in June – and that youthful energy exerts itself in their debut track “Try”. Having already supported the likes of Dean Blunt and Jungle, you can take our word for it they’re one to keep an eye on - Ryan Bassil

No Rome – “Ain’t Coming Back”

This track walks a fine line between shoegaze and R&B. According to producer Ryan Hemsworth – who released the track as part of his Secret Songs series – he also exists “in the same realm maybe as Grimes”. Two interesting tick points then, for a new artist, and as an added bonus, “Ain’t Coming Back” is inspired by Jesus and the Mary Chain’s “Never Understand” and premier songwriter The Dream. Listen above - Ryan Bassil

Shelf Life - “Sinking Just Right”

I’m going to go ahead and out Scotty Leitch as one of Philadelphia’s best kept secrets. Like a lot of people who make music primarily in their bedroom for themselves - like fellow Philadelphian songwriter Alex G, who he happens to drum for - Leitch has been knocking around for a while now, crafting comforting acoustic pop from private insecurities. Taken from his debut album as Shelf Life, “Sinking Just Right” recalls early Death Cab For Cutie and possesses a similar wistful atmosphere that grips you hardest in moments of reflection. It’s unhurried and almost hypnotic, which is the probably the exact opposite feeling you’d expect to get from listening to someone muse aloud about tying themselves to a cinder block and stepping into a swimming pool - Emma Garland


Junglepussy - “Now Or Later”

Junglepussy isn’t only everything you want from a rapper in 2015, she’s also everything you want to be in your life. Talented, rude, hilarious, and unapologetic in all of the above, Junglepussy has it all going on. Accompanied by a video that will change the way you look at kale forever, “Now Or Later” sees the new queen of New York asking if you’ll be fucking with her now or later, because no doubt you’ll be fucking with her eventually - and with incredible lines like “dipped out the Uber slowly like a lady” you’d be an idiot to sleep on someone whose flame is only going to get hotter. Emma Garland

Koi Child - “Black Panda”

If you are born in Australia and have ever touched a guitar, the chances are you will have, at some point, worked with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker. That guy is omniscient over there. He’s Ozniscient! All an Australian kid needs to do is open Garage Band and say "Innerspeaker" three times into the bathroom mirror, and Kevin Parker will appear with a poof of glitter and offer to compress their drum sounds. Koi Child are an Australian hip-hop/jazz/psych seven piece fronted by a soulful rapper, and their latest track “Black Panda” has obviously been produced by Parker. It sounds incredible, and word is he'll be producing their entire debut album. If you like The Roots, or have been digging any time that Badbadnotgood have worked with a rapper, then this is so outrageously far up your street it’ll hurt a bit at first. Joe Zadeh

Mackned - "Female"

With everyone and their nan dropping bars over beats constructed in Logic, Soundcloud is becoming an increasingly difficult landscape to navigate. Luckily, Seattle-bred MC and producer Mackned stands out like Andrew WK at a State funeral (the artwork, featuring himself illustrated as Jesus surrounded by Tumblr girls getting lit, probably helps). One of the founding fathers of the LA/Seattle-based collective Thraxxhouse, Mackned dropped Female - his second full-length of 2015 - this month. Balancing menace and melody, danger and comfort, it’s one of the most authoritative fusions of trap and cloud rap since A$AP Rocky came through with Live.Love.A$AP. Emma Garland

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