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Suuns: "Edie's Dream" Video Premiere

We get to meet Edie in the captivating, but spooky, new visuals from Suuns.

av VICE Staff
2013 01 16, 11:15am

Montrealeans (is that a word? It sounds like it shouldn't be a word), Suuns, return with a suitably unsettling video for their hazy track "Edie's Dream". Directed by the band, they ventured into Quebec's woods to film 13-year-old Edie dragging a spade through the autumn leaves and eventually having a nap in a, erm, muddy open grave? It all makes for a brilliantly uneasy trip, that together with Suuns balance of pant-wettingly spooky yet melodic style, is strangely captivating.

Suuns release their second LP Images Du Futur, via Secretly Canadian in the UK on 4th March.

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