IshDARR Turns Up With Some Panda Bears in the Video For His Anthem "Too Bad"

One of 2015's standout independent rap tracks has just been given a video.

2015 08 12, 5:00pm

If you haven't already come across IshDARR, then shame on you. Sit down, wash your ass, and read-up. The Milwaukee native has been quietly killing it over the past year, releasing tracks with up-and-coming producer of the moment MEDASIN, notching a placement in our Best of the Month segment for his Old Soul Young Spirit EP, and picking up a cosign from, of all places, Chloe Moretz - who stars as the lead role in the superhero film Kick-Ass.

"Too Bad" is the track that stands out most on IshDARR's Old Soul Young Spirit EP. Which is great because it's now recieved a video treatment and we're premiering it above. Watch as the eighteen year-old gets turnt up in the backseat of a car with "too bad bitches", some dudes wearing animal masks, and what could be a bunch of mind-altering substances, set to one of 2015's standout independent tracks.

IshDarr is playing VICE's House Party at the Old Blue Last in November. Check the rest of his European tour dates below:

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